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Do I agree to a verbal contract

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Do I agree to a verbal contract

Do I agree to a verbal contract

Do I agree to a verbal contract, No.

Never agree any Verbal contract over the telephone with any supplier / energy broker.

Request the contract standing charge and unit rates be emailed to you or send by letter. This benefits you as the business customer especially for legal reasons.

Verbal contracts can be falsified. In our experience this only benefits the supplier and often means an in-depth process has not been fully completed to support your business.

You can have confidence that Energy 4 will always provide you with all the options, advice and recommendations to make an informed and systematic decision based on facts and evidence provided.

Commercial collective switching does provide benefits, and placing sites and factories together has provided better prices for many Energy4 customers.

Energy4 offer a number of suppliers, who will accept contracts signed.

We use a well established contract signature process as many suppliers refuse to access verbal systems as a form of agreement for contract. This is because written contracts are still covered under Law, which are legally binding. Furthermore Banks demand that written information be performed on contracts in reference to the addition of Banking information for direct debits. This relates to Insurance and the HM Treasury that protects Banks and Consumers.

DO NOT agree anything over the telephone.

Large quantity of fraud occurs due to mis-selling contracts, agreeing one thing on the the telephone, and then altering the contract structure of standing charges, and unit values. If a supplier does not provide a contract by email, and demands signature within 10 minutes walk away.

True and False

  1. Verbal contracts are legally binding – Incorrect, only the director can agree the contract for utility contracts, or the legal registered owner. Evidence must also be provided in email or letter of what was agreed including evidence that the identity of the caller has been identified.
  2. Can save an organisation time and be efficient in the short term – Incorrect, Verbal contracts are the largest point of contention, and fraud at present perpetrated against businesses. 

Verbal contracts are Costly if criminal activity is involved, and problematic for business.

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Do I agree to a verbal contract

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