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Energy4 Still Operating During Covid-19

Energy4 assisting customers after Extra Energy closure

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Energy4 assisting customers after Extra Energy closure

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Energy4 assisting customers after Extra Energy closure to locate better prices

Ofgem have appointed Scottish Power to take over the supply of all Extra Energy Domestic, and Business Customers. Scottish Power assumed responsibility for all supplies on 25th November, whilst they are in the process of setting up accounts for each Customer, we advise you obtain meter reads, and advise your Customers to sit tight until they hear from Scottish Power.

Scottish Power will be contacting all transferred Customers by letter, email, or in some cases by phone. Once each account has transferred, you will be able to negotiate new rates, or look to switch your Customers – but this cannot happen until each account has fully transferred, and this may takes up to several weeks.

If your Customers were in credit with Extra Energy, and they are owed money, then once Scottish Power obtain a meter read, they will ensure the Extra Energy account is closed down properly, and any remaining credit will be transferred to the new Scottish Power balance.

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