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Compare Market

Compare market using Energy4

Compare market is the service Energy4 provides. Many businesses have used Energy4 services to compare the market and obtain quotes from the energy market.

We at Energy4 started in 2013 to disrupt and challenge the overpriced, outdated practices of the utility industry.

Energy4 Compare

The difference between Energy4 and other comparison sites are;

– Our business operates as a Real Third-Party-Intermediary (TPI)

– Energy4 provides independent, impartial non-biased led utility advice, keeping businesses in business

– Providing clear information so that you can go on to purchase a product that meets your business needs

– We provide business customers with a quote from ALL suppliers

– At Energy4 will never inflate your Electricity and Gas annual consumption to acquire quotes. This practice is performed by others, costing the Client in claw-back payments due to incorrect consumption signed into the contract.

– Not directly working for fixed suppliers due to commercial contract agreements, this is counter to the TPI agreement, this does not benefit businesses, commerce, and trade

 The utility companies lobbied Ofgem to remove the requirement of being impartial. From May 2018, Domestic Comparison Websites are no longer required to show Whole of Market (WoM), even when they advertise to be an open comparison website.. Energy4 objected to this. The document is here: https://tinyurl.com/ybcyqv9y

Energy4 as a Third-Party-Intermediary (TPIs)

At Energy4:

  • Follows professional ethics to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers.
  • Best understands and satisfies the product and service needs of the customers.
  • Educates all customers on the utility market, communicating easily
  • Makes itself universally accessible to all business owners, from those using their home to large warehouses, and chemical plants.
  • Offers the best supplier of rates and charges across the UK, not available with our competitors
  • Operates like the utility industry, as they place fees to the utility charges and rates; this is how they stay in business and manage their call centres.
  • Obtains a finder’s fee from utility industry selected by the business customer
  • Will not add dubious consultancy fees onto utility bills.
  • Identifies the ethical decisions business customers make.  Our business customer could save money or choose a utility provider that benefits the UK economy.
  • From energy autonomy (renewable energy), planet, environment, ecology, and society.)
  • Understands and shares with customers and employees, having a broad understanding to change and show flexibility with the market and inspiring and uplifting the customer and employees.
  • We at Energy4 help businesses stay in business.

Beware of Businesses operating as Fake Third-Party-Intermediary (TPIs)

Currently, these businesses appear as:

Intermediary services (Posing as TPI’s) working for one of the Big-6 utility providers;

  • A.  They ask customers to stay with contracts as part of the Big-Six, providing inaccurate information of the market and no evidence.
  • B. Add extortionary consultancy fees to the cost of the utility contract.
  • C. They do not care if the prices and contract damage the business and eventual livelihood.
  • D. They look to dubious consultant fees and sociopathic views that “companies go out of business all the time.”
  • E. Many businesses struggle; when companies overprice, they damage business and livelihood.

What products and services does Energy4 provide?

At Energy4, we know that managing your utilities isn’t something you want to spend ages on, so let us do the hard work for you. Market reviews, new quotes, and when renewal dates for your Utilities.

How does Energy4 make money?

Here at Energy4 we make money when we find our business customers a new deal on their utilities.

Each time someone switches their gas or electricity tariff, having found their new supplier through us, we get paid a fee.

The fee Energy4 receives does not affect the way we rank the products. We always provide quotes in order of the lowest price to the highest price for business owners.

Who does Energy4 work with?

We at Energy4 work with most of the UK’s top providers to find you great deals. At Energy4, quotes don’t include every single provider in the market. Specific utility providers opt out of providing prices for these comparison sites, primarily down to not meeting the strict partner criteria we use to protect our business customers.

For electricity and gas tariff comparison, Energy4 has agreements with the majority of energy suppliers. Energy4 gives business customers the option to see a more comprehensive view of the market.

Some utility suppliers choose, for example, not to make their tariffs available through comparison sites. Therefore these are not made public.

Regularly checking online reviews of suppliers, Ofgem, and the News, Energy4 keeps aware of all suppliers, especially if they are not providing the best services. If you wish to check the utility provider you have business with, please contact Ofgem. 


Can I trust the results Energy4 provides?

A fixed fee from utility providers is given to Energy4 when the contract is agreed upon; Energy4 does not alter how the utility providers are quoted in the information provided.

When a business owner provides details, Energy4 will offer quotes that are based on utility demand. Business results are always ordered from the lowest to highest prices.

We work with dozens of providers across a wide variety of product types to help you find the right deal. Still, we can’t guarantee that every provider and offer available is covered. However, we compare quotes and contracts with big, medium and smaller providers to offer you fantastic choice with little effort. By using Energy4 comparison services, save time and the best deals provided.

How does Energy4 protect your business details?

Energy4 follows the requirements of the ICO (Home | ICO) ico.org.uk). Always be careful of businesses that do not mention the ICO in their privacy literature. The outcome is that the company is operating offshore and not covered by the ICO and UK law. Practice when outsourcing has occurred with their servers, call centres, and finances outside the UK and sell and trade company data, especially to business competitors.

Protection of your details is of the highest importance to Energy4. Energy4 ensures your data is secure as per the ICO. Energy4 provides a list of suppliers linked to your specific business type; the results provided are ordered by lowest to highest prices.

How will you contact me?

Contact by Energy4 will happen via Telephone and Email to verify your business details and information. Energy4 will not provide your details to other parties unrelated to other products not requested. Energy4 will contact your business when your utility contracts are up for renewal.

Will my utility provider contact me?

Utility providers will only contact you if you have agreed to via email, text message, telephone call, and letter. Businesses can unsubscribe from communication from suppliers; however, utility providers require one form of communication for billing purposes.

Energy4 can offer information on partners relating to Water and Telecommunications.  Clients are under no obligation to contact these providers.

Please read the Privacy Policy of your utility provider and any partner business you contact

How can I manage my details?

Please contact your chosen Utility supplier if you want to change your business details. Energy4 has a policy of deleting all information collected during the Contract process to protect your business customer’s interests.

Energy4 follows the requirements of the ICO (Home | ICO) ico.org.uk). Always be careful of businesses that do not mention the ICO in their privacy literature. 

Where Energy4 stands?

This company will remain impartial and non-biased to the utility industry, providing the best prices to business customers.

  • From May 2018, Ofgem decided that all Compare Market Websites no longer need to show the Whole of Market (WoM). Therefore stopping customers from seeing which utility provides compares market sites annual payments to put forward their prices and rates as the best available. This document is here: https://tinyurl.com/ybcyqv9y
  • Energy4 disagrees with the action of Ofgem. Energy4 will continue since its inception in 2013 to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers.Energy4 provides each business customer with the best prices based on their consumption, CCL requirements, and current credit ratings.
  • Develops inclusive projects to benefit organisations, charities, clubs, and collective businesses, through aggregated collective bargaining. Not limited to strategies or sectors of the community that may become involved
  • Delivers premium products and services at the best price possible whilst highlighting the ethical options for each business’s decisions.
  • Interested in business longevity. Not the current market practice of damaging businesses through either short-term short-sighted profit margins whilst damaging customers, businesses, and livelihoods.
  • Electricity https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-electricity/
  • Gas https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-gas/
  • Water https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-water/

Energy4 strives to:

  • Assist companies with ethical business practices, providing transparent utility advice, bringing stability to the economy, keeping businesses in the business.
  • Identify the ethical stance of utility supplier, giving businesses a choice to maximise profit margins or use suppliers who have more positive, social, and economic values. Businesses consume large amounts of utilities, the benefits of ethical choice benefit domestic suppliers.

Energy4 has a long-term strategy to benefit customers

  • Ofgem created guidance for Third-party-intermediaries (TPI’s). However still not enforced, and many consultancy businesses operate as fake TPIs

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