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Comparison Site

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Comparison Site

Comparison Site

Comparison Site of Energy4 helps businesses obtain quotes on the energy market.

Energy4 comparison business operates follows;


In 2013, Energy4 was started to disrupt and challenge the overpriced and outdated practices of the utility industry, and challenge businesses that operate as Third-party-intermediaries (TPI) but do not benefit businesses, commerce, and trade. Energy4 exists to keep businesses in the business.

Third-party-intermediaries (TPI) was formed to provide impartial, non-biased led utility advice after de-nationalisation of the utility market.

Electricity https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/electricity

Gas https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/gas

Water https://www.ofwat.gov.uk/

Energy4 as a Third-Party-Intermediary (TPIs):

  • Follows professional ethics to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers.
  • Best understands and satisfies the product and service needs of the customers.
  • Educates all customers on the utility market, communicating easily
  • Makes itself universally accessible to all business owners, from those using their home to large warehouses, and chemical plants.
  • Offers the best supplier of rates and charges across the UK, not available with our competitors
  • Operates like the utility industry, as they place fees to the utility charges and rates, this is how they stay in business and manage their call centres.
  • Obtains a finder’s fee from utility industry selected by the business customer
  • Does not place any consultancy fee or commission charges onto utility bills.
  • Identifies the ethical decisions customers make, identifying if they are looking to save money, or interested in choosing a utility provider that benefits the UK economy, energy autonomy (renewable energy), the planet, environment, ecology, and society.
  • Understands and shares with customers and employees, having a broad understanding to change and show flexibility with the market. Inspiring and uplifting the customer and employees.
  • Helps businesses stay in business


Energy4 will remain impartial and non-biased to the utility industry, providing the best prices to business customers

  • From May 2018, Ofgem made the decision that all Comparison Websites no longer need to show the Whole of Market (WoM), and which utility provides are paying comparison sites commission to put forward their prices, and rates as the best available. This document is here: https://tinyurl.com/ybcyqv9y
  • Energy4 disagrees with the action of Ofgem. Energy4 will continue since its inception in 2013, to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers.Energy4 provides each business customer with the best prices based on their consumption, CCL requirements, and current credit ratings.
  • Energy4 develops inclusive projects to benefit organisations, charities, clubs, and collective businesses, through aggregated collective bargaining. Not limited to strategies or sectors of the community that may become involved
  • Energy4 delivers premium products and services at the best price possible whilst highlighting the ethical options for each business’s decisions
  • Energy4 is interested in business longevity, not damaging businesses for short-term short-sighted profit-margins whilst damaging customers businesses, and livelihoods
  • Energy4 provides Business Electricity https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-electricity/
  • Energy4 provides Business Gas https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-gas/
  • Energy4 provides Business Water https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-water/


Energy4 follows the time-tested SMART acronym; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely

Energy4 strives to:

  • Assist companies with ethical business practices, providing transparent utility advice, bringing stability to the economy, keeping businesses in business
  • Identify the ethical stance of each fuel supplier, giving businesses the choice to choose between maximising profit margins, or using suppliers who have more positive, social, and economic values, as businesses consume large amounts of utilities, the benefits of ethical choice benefit domestic suppliers.



Energy4 Strategy, Energy4 has a long-term strategy to benefit customers

  • Ofgem created guidance for Third-party-intermediaries (TPI’s). However, this is not enforced, and many consultancy businesses operate as false-TPI’s.

Currently TPI businesses come across:

  • Utility industry providing their intermediary services, requesting customers to stay with their original contracts, providing inaccurate information of the market, and no evidence.
  • Intermediary services (Posing as TPI’s) working for one of the Big-6 utility providers. Asking customers to stay with contracts as part of the Big-Six, providing inaccurate information of the market, and no evidence.
  • Intermediary services (Posing as TPI’s) working for to one of the Big-6 utility providers as above, however adding extortionary consultancy fees onto the cost of the utility contract.
  • False-TPI’s operating on short-term short-sighted practices, providing misinformation of the market to business customers, damaging businesses, and eventually livelihood


Action Plan

Energy4 Action Plan, Energy4 has action plans that are presented to our customer

6 Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic – https://hbr.org/2018/08/6-steps-to-make-your-strategic-plan-really-strategic

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