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Switch My Business

Switch My Business has gone into administration

Energy4 is available to help all Switch My Business clients. Helping business customers with their business energy.

How do I exit Switch My Business?

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Energy4 can help switch your business to a better deal on business energy.

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Switch My Business

Energy4 can help switch your business to a better deal on business energy.

Switch My Business began in 2008 and ceased trading in 2021. Priority has been to take the hassle out of switching business energy tariffs and to ensure both SMEs and larger corporations are able to access cheap business gas and electricity. 

Energy4 continues to remove the confusing and daunting experience on finding a great business energy deal. Energy4 has simplified the process by offering more than 40+ suppliers.

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Welcome to Energy4

Cut your business energy bills, consumption, and carbon emissions. Here at Energy4 assists customers on their requests, by comparing the market, locating the best tariffs, prices, and contract solutions available for each specific customer utility requirements.

Excels with producing good customer services and sound business practices, where customers return for further business

Prides itself on being an independent party from suppliers, showing no bias with providing a list of utilities to each customer

Continuing to expand its business, to obtain better quotes for customers About Us

How We Can Help

We search for energy prices daily by exploring the whole market, allowing Energy4 to source and negotiate the most fiercely competitive rates available pro-actively. About Us

  • Energy4 has:
  • 40+ Suppliers
  • 8,000 Satisfied Customers
  • £2,100 Average Customer Savings
  • £16.4 Million Savings Have Occurred So Far

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Please provide the best date and time of day that we should contact you About Us

Comparison Site

Comparison Site of Energy4 helps businesses obtain quotes on the energy market. About Us

Energy4 comparison business operates follows;


In 2013, Energy4 disrupted and challenged the overpriced and outdated practices of the utility industry.

We are challenging current Third-party-intermediaries (TPI) who do not benefit businesses, commerce, and trade. Energy4 exists to keep businesses in the industry.

Originally third-party-intermediaries (TPI) was formed to provide impartial, non-biased led utility advice after de-nationalisation of the utility market.

Electricity https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/electricity

Gas https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/gas

Water https://www.ofwat.gov.uk/

Energy4 is a Third-Party-Intermediary (TPIs):

  • Follows professional ethics to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers
  • Best understands and satisfies the product and service needs of the customers.
  • Educates all customers on the utility market, communicating easily
  • Makes itself universally accessible to all business owners, from those using their home to large warehouses, and chemical plants.
  • Offers the best supplier of rates and charges across the UK, not available with our competitors
  • Operates like the utility industry, as they place fees to the utility charges and rates, this is how they stay in business and use their call centres.
  • Obtains a finder’s fee from utility industry selected by the business customer
  • Energy4 does not place any consultancy fee charges onto utility bills.
  • Identifies the ethical decisions customers make, identifying if they are looking to save money, or interested in choosing a utility provider that benefits the UK economy, energy autonomy (renewable energy), the planet, environment, ecology, and society.
  • Understands and shares with customers and employees, having a broad understanding to change and show flexibility with the market; inspiring and uplifting the customer, and employees.
  • Helps businesses stay in business



Energy4 will remain impartial and non-biased to the utility industry, providing the best prices to business customers.

  • From May 2018, Ofgem made the decision that all Comparison Websites no longer need to show the Whole of Market (WoM), and which utility provides are paying comparison sites money to put forward their prices, and rates as the best available. The document is here: https://tinyurl.com/ybcyqv9y
  • Disagrees with Ofgem, Energy4 has continued since its inception in 2013 to provide independent, impartial, evidenced-based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 40+ utility providers.

  • Provides each business customer with the best prices based on their consumption, CCL requirements, and current credit ratings

  • Develops inclusive projects to benefit organisations, charities, clubs, and collective businesses, through aggregated collective bargaining. Not limited to strategies or sectors of the community that may become involved

  • Delivers premium products and services at the best price possible whilst highlighting the ethical options for each business’s decisions
  • Energy4 looks towards business longevity, not damaging
    businesses for short-term short-sighted profit-margins and resulting
  • Electricity with Energy4; https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-electricity/
  • Gas with Energy4; https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-gas/
  • Water with Energy4; https://energy4.co.uk/services/business-water/


Energy4 follows the time-tested SMART acronym; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely

Energy4 strives to:

Assist companies with ethical business practices, providing transparent utility advice, bringing stability to the economy, keeping businesses in the business.

Identify the ethical stance of each fuel supplier. They are identifying the differences between each supplier with good customer ratings, social, and economic values.

Objectives – https://blog.dce.harvard.edu/professional-development/3-things-know-setting-goal


Energy4 Strategy, Energy4 has a long-term strategy to benefit customers.

  • Ofgem created guidance for Third-party-intermediaries (TPI’s); however, legally enforced, and many consultancy businesses operate as false-TPI’s.
Currently, TPI businesses are:
    • Utility industry provides disguised intermediary services that request customers to stay with them with inaccurate information of the market, and no evidence.
    • Working for one of the Big-6 utility providers, asking customers to stay with contracts as part of the Big-Six, providing inaccurate information of the market, and no evidence.
    • Addition of extortionary consultancy fees added to the utility contract that provides no tangible physical or contract benefit. These can be identified by;
1) – Incoherent management services, e.g. Site valuer, utility indicators, future protection, risk overters (made up word), market security, protection cycles, interim negotiations, and so on.
2) – Invisible site visits – Charging for site visits that never happened.
3) – One, two, or even three separate meter maintenance programs for none half-hourly meters. Half-hourly meters have Meter Operator agreements or (MOP contract) which are a legal requirement for all half-hourly electricity supplied meters.

4) – Annual market analysis – Sending prices to a customer for the period of the contract. Some charge a lot
for this service; however, this has no value once the contract is signed.

5) – Fake “security of supply” – Sending prices to a customer for the period of the contract and saying this is the security of supply. Some charge a lot for this service. The real security of supply is when a business site has an independent power supply with a generator and linked fuel supply (e.g. a large volume of fuel as storage tanks, or even a tank farm.)

6) – Profiteering – Short-term short-sighted practices, providing misinformation of the market to business customers, damaging businesses, and eventually livelihood

Action Plan

Energy4 Action Plan, Energy4 has action plans.

6 Steps to Make Your Strategic Plan Really Strategic  https://hbr.org/2018/08/6-steps-to-make-your-strategic-plan-really-strategic

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