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Call back to cut your business energy bills, consumption, and carbon emissions

Call back services are available by Energy4, to assist customers on their requests. By comparing the market, locating the best tariffs, prices, and contract solutions available for each specific customers utility requirements.

Call back services from Energy4 include good customer services and sound business practices, where customers return for further business with call back.

Energy4 prides itself on being a total independent party from suppliers, showing no bias with how utilities are selected for each customer.

Continuing to expand iEnergy4 business, to obtain better quotes for customers.

How We Can Help

 Energy4 searches for energy prices on a daily basis, by exploring the whole market and have links with every energy supplier in the U.K.

This allows us to pro-actively source and negotiate the most fiercely competitive rates available

    Energy4 has:
    40+ Suppliers
    8,000 Satisfied Customers
    £2,100 Average Customer Savings
    £16.4 Million Savings Have Been Made So Far…


Business Advice – To help grow the business

Schedule time off and holidays

Add something to the Diary, make sure you have a minimum of 22 days of per year. Prevent burn out. Make time off and holidays count. We agree that as a busienss owner who desperately wants to grow, you are always prioritising work or something else relating to work. This should not happen, you only have one life, enjoy it.

Do not ignore personal health, fitness and well-being

Take care, burnout from performing 60 hour weeks does not work. You then have to take time of work due to stress, and burn-out to recover. End the cycle, do not be self-defeating. Learn to delegate, you are not newspaper marketeer, accountant, salesmen, developer, exporter, software engineer, website manager, and social media marketeer all in one.

Realise they are mortal

There are only so many hours and minutes in which to achieve life’s ambitions. Review of factory work during WW2 from allies to axis identified that the maximum anyone can work for without burn-out is 42 hours, then productive drops. Burnout follows if exceeded for too long.

Value time as their most precious resource

Each day, it is essential to list what’s most important (rather than just important) and make sure you do it. Bill Gates credits the fact he was always acutely aware of the value of his time as one of the most significant factors in his success.

Learn to say no

Saying no to commitments that aren’t important, such as meetings and events that don’t take you towards goals, is a vital skill to learn. Remember, unimportant events won’t take you to closer to those customers who are worth having.

Don’t try to do everything

It’s easier to be really good at a few things, which is why successful business owners outsource, or refer customers on, for things which they can’t do superbly.

Utilities for example, Energy4 has uncovered for some time that there a very few utiltiy companies that are providing transparent and honest services, and much fewer third party intermediatries like Energy4 that provide the best utility prices

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Working for the business completely Vs. Delegating business work

Delegate work to focus on growing the business.

Structure their business properly

Setting out who is responsible for what and who is answerable to whom is an essential piece of small business advice to take on board, even if there are only 2 people in the business.


First they set out exactly how they want it done, by writing detailed process documents, and then they outline what needs to be achieved. Following this, they train their staff how to do it. Finally, they pass over the responsibility for it and set reporting criteria.

Rely on systems, rather than just relying on people

If you grow a business but it is only great because it’s got some exceptional people, what happens when they leave, or when you need more of them? Process documents can help business to run smoothly regardless of who it employs.

Ask their staff’s opinions

Never forget that the staff you employ often know how to do the job better. But no-one asks them.

Hire attitude and teach function

When you are looking for a new team member, an enthusiastic, positive attitude is much more important than job experience. You can teach people how to do the work. You can’t teach attitude.

Motivate their staff

Share the future vision of the business and always show appreciation for a job well done. This may just be a simple thank you. Rest assured, this will make the job more fun and rewarding to do.

Empower their staff

Nothing impresses a customer like a problem solved quickly, efficiently and politely. To achieve this, delegate, give employees authority to see to this themselves. And back them up on their decisions afterwards.

Do not abdicate responsibility

Do not hire experienced staff and tell them to just get on with it. You need to always have targets and a performance measurement plan in place that you are responsible for.

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