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Business Electricity

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Business Electricity

Business Electricity

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Business Electricity

Business Electricity does not have to be complicated. No one enjoys receiving a nasty surprise when an electricity bill arrives, and you should not be paying more than you have to.

Here at Energy4 we are a comparison energy website, specialising in helping you with your Electricity both half and non-half hourly metering, multi-site for industry, commercial companies, SME’s and startup businesses. We help customers to find the best price for their utilities. We strive to keep customers informed and help them to make effective decisions that result in the best, fair price for their business electricity supply. Our services all across the UK..

Our main aim is to make customers aware of the savings that they can make, whilst saving you time and money!

Company owners currently select business Electricity based on loyalty; this can impact on the best tariffs and rates that are available to them. We pride ourselves on providing transparent advice and a consultancy brokerage service to our customers. Energy4 can provide bill validation service to potential customers who wish to compare their business energy prices.

At Energy4 we are not constrained by size, supplier or location, so we can offer our services to all business types no matter how big or small. We aim to provide our valued customers with long term solutions that will leave them with significant savings.

We will provide a list of offers from business electricity suppliers to our customers after we have analysed and produced a cost comparison from the results so that you can select energy suppliers who are most suitable for you and your business. Suppliers are priced differently in each area. Allowing us to contact suppliers for you can result in you having more valuable time to focus on the running of your business.

We are very competitive in relation to u-switch electricity,

The team here at Energy4 will resolve any ‘objections to transfer’ received during your energy switch. We will be there every step of the way to assist you in settling any billing or contractual issues that arise. We will also manage the electricity contract renewal process by continually monitoring the energy market and helping you with any documents that become requirements. We can offer fixed and variable term contracts (from 1 to 5 years), Direct debit options, Smart Metering and customised pricing options for the clients who require it.

Contact Energy4 Today

To receive a trouble free quote or if you would like to discuss your business gas rates, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Energy4. We can offer fixed and variable term contracts (from 1 to 5 years), Direct debit options, Smart Metering and customised pricing options for clients who require it.

Energy4 can quote prices over the phone, but for us to realise your businesses’ needs it is preferred that we see your latest bill or invoice. At Energy4 we are dedicated to providing a cost effective and competitive solution for your gas supply requirements.

You can call us on 01642 888814 or 01642 88816. Alternatively, you can email us at contact@energy4.co.uk or you can complete our form.

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Business Advice

Penny-Pinching Promotions
 – Piggyback your advertising. Including advertising material in other mailings, such as in invoices, saves postage and other additional costs, says Mr J. Weinrauch, co-author of The Frugal Marketer. Likewise, make the most of your point-of-purchase opportunities by tucking coupons, newsletters or other promotional fliers in the bag with customers’ purchases.

– Be a good neighbour. Split advertising and promotion costs with neighbouring businesses. Jointly promote a sidewalk sale, or take your marketing alliance further by sharing mailing lists, distribution channels and suppliers with companies that sell complementary goods or services.

– Ask the people you know for help. The kind of support you’d most like to get from your contacts is referrals-the names of specific individuals who need your products and services. So go ahead and ask! Your contacts can also give prospects your name and number. As the number of referrals you receive increases, so does your potential for increasing the percentage of your business generated through referrals.

– Got a happy customer? By telling others what they’ve gained from using your products or services in presentations or informal conversations, your sources can encourage others to use your products or services.

– Make a special TV appearance. Local cable TV stations often have very reasonable advertising rates at time slots throughout the day and night. Though you won’t necessarily reach prime-time viewers, you will make an impression where it counts-in the comfort of potential customers’ homes.

– Offer expert advice. Teaching a class, speaking at a community meeting, or writing an article for a local paper not only makes you look like an expert but garners low-cost attention for your business.

Multi–Site Business Energy

If you have more than one site for your business, bundling the total consumption of all of your locations together can be hugely beneficial. Here at Energy4, we have contacts in the energy supply industry so we can ensure that we can find the best value prices for our valued customers and their businesses.

At Energy4, we provide expert knowledge backed by years of experience to help businesses with the auditing and consultancy of the utility market. We will also continuously track and monitor utility prices and the state of the utility market to keep customers away from low-customer rating utility providers.

We are proud to be able to provide you and your business with a complete service that will undoubtedly save you time, effort and most importantly, money. Throughout the service, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be available for you to talk to at any stage.

Our multi-site services for your business energy needs in Durham result in 100% independent and impartial advice. Throughout the process, Energy4 will assist you with every step, including tracking and submitting terminations on your behalf.

How we do this, you may ask yourself

  • Energy4  are impartial – we work for you, not the energy companies.
  • We search the energy prices on a daily basis daily by exploring the whole market and have links with every energy supplier in the U.K., allowing to source and negotiate the most fiercely competitive rates available.
  • Pride ourselves in helping you through every step of the change from start to finish with your existing supplier to your new, more competitive supplier.
  • Track and submit terminations to prevent your energy contracts from rolling over, trapping you into extortionate rates.
  • Continually monitoring the whole of the market for utilities.
  • Identifying forward curves to avoid negotiating in periods of inflated prices and volatile trading.

Did you know that

Companies which spend fortunes on business Electricity are those companies which need to make use of Electricity as a resource. If you own a takeaway shop or work in a warehouse or factory shop, then the chances are incredibly high that you make use of way too much business gas than is necessary.

Our agreements allow us to negotiate on the client’s behalf with UK Electricity suppliers, to ensure that they are paying a competitive rate for their Electricity supply. We monitor the Electricity market for the clients, allowing the client to focus on their business and what you do best.

The wholesale Electricity market has become increasingly volatile over the last years. Accordingly, securing your organisation’s’ electricity contract can have significant cost benefits over the contractual term.

At Energy4 we review the market daily to purchase Electricity for our clients when the prices are at a lower rate. Our access to all Electricity Suppliers means we buy at live prices and offer you the best rate possible on the market.

We have highly qualified business advisors on standby to deal with your every question and query. We will not let you down and promise to provide you with only the best service guaranteed.

Energy4 can do all the work for you by doing all the intensive research while you sit back and ask us for our trouble-free quote. We want nothing in return except for the knowledge that you are saving money.

Energy4 are not only able to make you aware of savings, but we can help you save time and money by providing you with a trouble-free quotation.

Do you know who the Big 6 are?

  • Scottish Power
  • E.on (also known as Powergen)
  • EDF (incorporating London Energy, SWEB and Seeboard)
  • Npower (also known as RWE)
  • British Gas (Incorporating Scottish Gas, Electricity for Business, Bizzenergy, Enron and Electricity Direct)
  • Scottish & Southern (also know as SSE, incorporating Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic Electric & Gas.)

The following information will help you contact the right organisation in the event of a power cut in your area:

Area CompanyEmergency NoGeneral Enquiries No
North Scotland Scottish & Southern Energy0800 300 9990845 071 3954
South Scotland Scottish Power0845 272 79990845 273 4444
North East England Northern Powergrid0800 668 8770845 070 7172
North West Electricity North West Ltd0800 195 41410800 048 1820
Yorkshire Northern Powergrid0800 375 6750800 0113332
East Midlands Western Power Distribution0800 056 80900800 096 3080
West Midlands Western Power Distribution0800 328 11110800 096 3080
Eastern England UK Power Networks0800 783 88380845 601 4516
South Wales Western Power Distribution0800 052 04000845 601 3341
Southern England Scottish & Southern Energy0800 072 72820845 071 3953
London UK Power Networks0800 028 02470845 601 4516
South East England UK Power Networks0800 783 88660845 601 4516
North Wales Merseyside and Cheshire Scottish Power0845 272 24240845 273 4444
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