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What is kVA?

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What is kVA?

What is kVA?

kVA stands for kilo volt-ampere, this is used to refer to the measure of power in a transformer. It is as a result of the product of voltage and power. The kilo Volt Amps is mainly used for the purpose of showing the output capacity in a generator.

It stands for Kilo Volt Amperes and one KVA equals 1,000 Watts of power. Many businesses misjudge the kVA capacity they require by trying to link their maximum power requirement (kVA) to their total annual energy usage (kWh)

Generator Rating

The capacity of a synchronous generator is equal to the product of the voltage per phase, the current per phase, and the number of phases. It is normally stated in megavolt-amperes (MVA) for large generators or kilovolt-amperes (kVA) for small generators. Both the voltage and the current are the effective, or rms, values (equal to the peak value divided by Square root of√2).

The voltage rating of the generator is normally stated as the operating voltage between two of its three terminals—i.e., the phase-to-phase voltage. For a winding connected in delta, this is equal to the phase-winding voltage. For a winding connected in wye, it is equal to Square root of√3 times the phase-winding voltage.

The capacity rating of the machine differs from its shaft power because of two factors—namely, the power factor and the efficiency. The power factor is the ratio of the real power delivered to the electrical load divided by the total voltage–current product for all phases. The efficiency is the ratio of the electrical power output to the mechanical power input. The difference between these two power values is the power loss consisting of losses in the magnetic iron due to the changing flux, losses in the resistance of the stator and rotor conductors, and losses from the windage and bearing friction. In large synchronous generators, these losses are generally less than 5 percent of the capacity rating. These losses must be removed from the generator by a cooling system to maintain the temperature within the limit imposed by the insulation of the windings.

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