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Terminating utility services

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Terminating utility services

Terminating utility services

Terminating utility services. It is the term used by the energy industry to describe giving notice that you do not want to be automatically renewed at the end of your current contract.  Normally they ask this to be done by writing or email. Terminating utility services does not mean your electricity or gas will be disconnected. Terminating utility services is what occurs during the process of moving supplier. The business owner once signing and agreeing to a new contract with a new supplier must notify there present supplier following the 30 days+ notice period. This is referred to as Terminating. Utility services can also be disconnected or diverted. Disconnected occurs if the site has gone or the meter has been removed. Diverted occurs if the site has changed and the incomer is being extended or moved to another part of the site. Energy4 can help log your Notice of Termination with your Energy supplier at the right time. Since 2013 Energy4 has noticed attempts by many utility companies to prevent Business owners from moving to other suppliers even when termination notices are given. Normal practices are claiming the Business client has Debts, Issues with supply links, incorrect information, Allowing Business owners too leave on the day of Contract End Date or the Day After, rotating these requirements to obtain a few extra days payment before the supply ends.. OfGem has made it very clear that preventing Business owners from moving to any supplier they choose on fabricated reasons will not be tolerated. Contact Energy4 today for further information Location: 25 Hartley Meadow, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7BW Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 Mon to Sat To discuss further, please contact Energy4 Telephone: Call us on 01642 888814 & 01642 888816 Email: contact@energy4.co.uk Please provide the best date and time of day that we should contact you Click here to contact Energy4 today Contact Energy4 today for further information Further information 1 Terminating utility services business electricity business gas
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