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Is a new supply meter required

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Is a new supply meter required

Is a new supply meter required

Is a new supply meter required NO. Just as with residential customers, if a company changes to a new supplier, nothing changes other than the price that is paid for the gas or electricity flowing through the meter.  The paperwork, meter and network all remain the same, it is only the company which reads the meter that changes. Can the “Smart meter” charges placed on Customers be justified, specifically extra charges for using the Smart meter, and who owns the Smart meter technology, its cost, and justification? “…The Government (BEIS) own the smart metering policy framework, and have published a cost-benefit analysis…”.  This analysis however does not account for inflation, index rating, and currency valuation changes.  There is nothing Smart about this meter, the term was taken from Smart Grid, an idea for a system to be integrated into every consumer unit.  This also included switch gear across the UK, deactivating unrequired usage during power-grid failures, etc. “…Suppliers are expected to pass both costs and savings of the rollout through to their customers which, over time, should result in net savings…’.  Research shows no evidence of any requirement of suppliers to pass anything on to customers accept there attempt to offload the installation costs. ‘… In addition, the information provided by smart meters should help customers to better manage their energy use and reduce their energy consumption and costs…’.  This information has no relevance, and is directly linked to information from the Carbon Trust.  Industries can improve efficiencies on there process line, insulation, and smart lights can be added.  However, proper site maintenance and upgrading equipment helps to keep costs down. ‘…Energy suppliers are responsible for purchasing and installing smart meters for their customers. Individual energy suppliers procure their own smart meters from a number of different manufacturers, and they must meet technical specifications that are set out in regulation…’.  Currently OfGem has no standing on suppliers offloading installation costs to customers.  It appears they are following the route of less resistance with completing government policy, not the resulting fall-out.  This stance will only change if the Federation of Small Businesses, and other groups lobby government for legislative change. Contact Energy4 today for further information Location: 25 Hartley Meadow, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7BW Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 Mon to Sat To discuss further, please contact Energy4 Telephone: Call us on 01642 888814 & 01642 888816 Email: contact@energy4.co.uk Please provide the best date and time of day that we should contact you Click here to contact Energy4 today Contact Energy4 today for further information Is a new supply meter required business electricity business gas
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