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How long does it take to change suppliers to a new one

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How long does it take to change suppliers to a new one

How long does it take to change suppliers to a new one

How long does it take to change suppliers to a new one Each supplier has different termination requirements
  • Please review your Terms and Conditions for cancellation contracts
  • Please pay all outstanding debts
  • Some suppliers demand both a letter and email to confirm a request for change. Please send Energy4 your contract if you cannot identify this.
  • Specific suppliers will offer 28 days to change suppliers
Energy4 will NOT at no point is your energy supply interrupted. We do not abandon you after the switch; we will keep in touch and also remind you before your contract is due to end so you have the options to look at prices again before signing up another contract term Information you need It’s useful to have the following information: Your postcode. The name of your current supplier. The name of your current energy tariff. Your annual energy usage or costs. You can find your tariff, supplier and annual information on a recent energy bill. Log into your online account if you don’t get paper bills. If you aren’t sure about your current supply details, see Finding your energy supplier or network operator. Find tariffs and suppliers Use a comparison website or phone different energy suppliers to find out what you can save by switching. You can ask your supplier if they will match an offer if you find one that’s better elsewhere. Ofgem confidence code Weigh up your options Think about things like: A supplier’s customer service. If the offer is the cheapest, environmentally-friendly or flexible to leave without an exit fee. If you can get cashback or other free incentives as part of your switch offer. If there is a switching guarantee. Some suppliers offer this to help you switch with confidence. Choosing tariffs Learn about different energy tariffs See how suppliers compare on customer service View suppliers offering an Energy Switch Guarantee Confirm your switch The last step is to confirm your contract and payment method. Paying by Direct Debit usually saves money. Your new supplier will contact you with a switching date. It can take up to 21 days to complete a switch. In most cases, it’s around 17 days. If you change your mind, You have 14 days to cancel from when you agree to a contract. Contact Energy4 today for further information Location: 25 Hartley Meadow, Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7BW Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00 Mon to Sat To discuss further, please contact Energy4 Telephone: Call us on 01642 888814 & 01642 888816 Email: contact@energy4.co.uk Please provide the best date and time of day that we should contact you Click here to contact Energy4 today Contact Energy4 today for further information Switching energy tariff or supplier | Ofgem business electricity business gas
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