Bill Validation

Energy4 can perform bill validation for potential business customers

Energy4 follows the following procedures with every business customer who requests a free account validation and verifcation report

As part of ‘our’ Service Level Agreement (SLA), Energy4 will follow the following “Steps” as per our “Audit” process

Please note: “You” the business owner must understand that your business can only apply for a new utility contract if you are within your termination notice time as per your original utility supply contract end date 


  • 1. For the Free Account Validation Report to be obtained, the following is required:
  • 1.1 “We” Energy4 will provide “you” the customer with a Letter of Authority (LOA)
  • 1.2 “You” the customer must Signature and Date the LOA
  • 1.3 “You” the customer must be Commercially and Legally allowed, by your Business to Signature and Date the LOA
  • 1.4 “You” the customer must Return the Signed and Dated the LOA, either by: Email:   or   Fax (+44 1642 782258)
  • 1.5 The Return of the Signed and Dated the LOA, will allow Energy4 to obtain from your Current Energy Supplier:
  • 1.5.1 – Current Energy Supplier Business Information
  • 1.5.2 – Your Current Energy Contract End Date & Renewal Information
  • 1.5.3 – Your Current Energy Consumption
  • 1.5.4Your Current Energy Account Situation (Outstanding Debts, etc.,)
  • 1.5.5Your Latest Meter Reading(s)
  • 1.5.6Your Current Meter Number(s) 2. Issuing free acount validation report
  • 1.5.7 – Your Current credit histroy & debts owed to utility providers

 2. Issuing free account validation report

  • 2.1 Report is presented in oder of savings, not supplier name
  • 2.2  All utility prices will include: Tariffs, Contract, All Competitive Supplier Prices, Climate Change Levy (CCL), VAT, Hidden and Indirect Costs
  • 2.3 Energy4 will not ask “Your” Business for payment for Energy4 services
  • 2.4 Energy suppliers which “Your” business selects will not contact your business on Energy4 behalf for transfer costs

If this does occur, please contact us immediately – emai: or fax (+44 1642 782258) providing all relevant information and we will contact OfGem directly

2.5 Energy4 services are covered by the finders fee that the utility provider which “Your” business selects

(Please note: Due to market confidentiality and volatile changing market prices. Only the full list of suppliers will be provided when a contract is signed and prices provided are only limited to 24 hours when account validation report is issued)

This following information is currently under review and will be changed shortly according to changes with legislation relating to: Office of Fair Trading, Ofgem & Citizens Advice Bureau

 3. Further reading for business on utility suppliers

3.1 Office Of Fair Trading LINK:

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3.2 Ofgem – Right Of Business Consumers

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3.3 Citizen Advice Bureau

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