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Combine Business

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Combine Business

Combine Business

Combine Business sites for your joint business energy account

Combine business sites for your business are possible. They are occurring typically when a business customer prefers to combine business sites with one specific utility supplier, to optimise the clerical work of all the business sites collected onto one business energy bill.

Combine business sites involves understanding that there are multiple energy tariffs, and it pays to be aware of what each one offers.  Of the choices available to business consumers, combining sites could save business owners money, both on buyer power and how gas and electricity is received.

Energy4 can provide this service, and has a good record with customers by combining sites and obtaining the best prices.

Below, Energy4 answer some of the key questions to help business owners determine whether combining business sites is the most suitable and cost-effective option for your business.

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What are combine business sites?

A business owner receives gas and electricity from the same supplier for all combined business sites. These can be on tariffs, either fixed or variable rates.

Energy providers often try to attract new customers by offering combined business site discounts. Switching to one provider for all combined sites may be the cheapest way to pay for your business energy, especially if your business goes into an affordable fixed rate.

Energy4 shops around for the best deals; for example, switching energy suppliers may not be the best option depending on the business size, energy consumption, region, and credit history.

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How do I know if I am already on a combine business site agreement?
The best and easiest way to find out if your business has combined business sites on either different or combined utility tariff is to check one of your companies most recent energy bills.
Alternatively, you and your business could also get in contact with your energy provider.

With a combined business site agreement, business owners can pay for their energy in different ways. Prepayment business customers use a meter, many business customers choose a deal or tariff for which the rate can be either fixed or variable, and some pay the provider’s default rate, which is almost always the most expensive.

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Is combining business sites possible?

Yes, depending on the business size, energy consumption, region, and credit history.

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Community switch investigation by Energy4

Community switch is when a business or broker offers special prices to domestic customers by bringing many domestic customers together, with this large demand they can apply leverage to the network to provide much more competitive prices.

This Community switch is also refrred to as the Big Switch, Area Community Switch, Switch Together, Large Switch.

Energy4 has monitored  domestic community switch for a while. After collecting information on the price of standing charge, and unit charge offered it has been found that there is no difference between the price offered by a domestic community switch and the price supplied by the noted supplier on there website. Energy4 did not identify a benefit.

Domestic customers should remain vigilant, and check the supply price being offered by the community switch against what the supplier can provide. Community switch should provide better prices, but Energy4 has yet to find any community switch group who can provide evidence that this has actually happened.

Commercial collective switching does provide benefits, and placing sites and factories together has provided better prices for many Energy4 customers.

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