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Energy4 assists customers on their requests, by comparing the market, locating the best tariffs, prices, and contract solutions available for each specific customers utility requirements.

Excels with producing good customer services and sound business practices, where customers return for further business.

Prides itself on standing as a real total independent party (TPI) from suppliers, showing no bias with how utilities are selected for each customer.

Continuing to expand its business, to obtain better quotes for customers.

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We search for energy prices daily by exploring the whole market and have links with every energy supplier in the U.K.

This allows us to source and negotiates the most fiercely competitive rates available pro-actively.

    Energy4 has:
    40+ Suppliers
    8,000 Satisfied Customers
    £2,100 Average Customer Savings
    £16.4 Million Savings Have Been Made So Far…

Privacy Policy

Business Advice – Starting / Getting on track

Goals should be set in writing

Goals are required; this reminds the business regularly. Business research shows having a business development plan and goals which have a timeframe can make you over 30 times more likely to succeed.

Start with your end goal in mind

Thinking about how to start a small business, you need a clear vision of what it could be like when your plans come to fruition.


Map out, plan, and measure

Tools have value,  such as Success Driver Mapping, you can tell how well every key system in your business is performing.


Report the numbers which matter most to your business every month on a One Page Plan

Where traditional accounts end, start with a single sheet of A4 paper compares the actual performance of your business to targets set in every vital area.


Share results of business performance with the team

Holding monthly board team meeting is an excellent way to do this. You can then devise the actions necessary to improve performance further.


Analyse financial performance of the past to understand trends and critical changes in business

Learning from past mistakes and successes of both your business and other business will enhance your business to look at new avenues.  Leapfrog, don’t just catch up.


Benchmark performance to the rest of their industry

A once a year process of benchmarking will help to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Using key learning points from the previous five business tips to produce a business action plan. This mapped out development pathway can help your business to improve results further.

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Use financial figures as an indicator of the business’ health and progress

This practice acts as an early warning system. It’s essential to do this regularly and not just as an afterthought to sort out your taxes.


Profit alone isn’t enough

Do not run out of funds, you will go bust, even when you are making a good profit. Successful business people don’t assume the bank will keep meeting the ever-increasing cash gap.


Value, not price

Do not use cheap equipment. Do not skimp of training. Customers are very judgemental.

How you are seen in letters

 Customers are very judgemental. and will judge businesses even based on the paper they use for adverts and correspondence.

How you are seen in email

Customers are very judgemental. Be polite in emails, even to the rudest of suppliers and customers. End well with each email. I have noticed a rise in insufficient communication levels in emails from “Hi” with new customers, to “Bye” on ending emails. You are not discussing sport in the street; you are talking about business. Please complete correspondence with your full name, contact details and business information, including the disclaimer.

Keep disclaimer in letters and emails

Disclaimers are placed on the bottom of every email and letter sent out. Do not miss this for one email. This will protect your business later on.

Write a disclaimer

Contact a professional to produce one for you, make sure this disclaimer is written in business documents and on the website. If Law is mentioned, make sure it applies to your work, trade, and country. Do not copy and paste other companies disclaimer.


Know that being the cheapest is usually a low strategy

Especially the case for a small business, if you gain customers by being the lowest priced, you’ll soon lose them when they find it even cheaper. And they always will.


Do not get behind with paying their tax

Keep on top of payroll, and taxation to the government. Make sure adequate amounts put aside as forecasted to make payments. They are preventing tax money being used by the business in other areas. As per the Finical Times, one prominent business owner was caught out by this and fined for late tax submission, and they now have there taxes reviewed monthly.


Stand firm on customer credit from day one.

A customer who doesn’t pay is worse than no customer. And once you let them get away with late payment, they’ll always do it. Nip it in the bud from day one. If you join a local business group, other business owners are quite open about bad customers who move between suppliers and take advantage of peoples good nature. You can be a good business owner; just do not be walked over.


Only change banks if necessary

Find a good bank manager, you should build a relationship, and stay with it. Try to be open and honest with them, and work as a team. Do not change Bank on charges. By reviewing the local Banks, you will notice that as customer service of the Bank drops, charges are lower. It is best for you to bank with a bank where the staff a permanent, and not hot seating with high turnover.

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