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Business Gas

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Business Gas

Business Gas

Business gas can be assisted by Energy4. Not many people or businesses look forward to receiving their business gas bill. It can be a worrying time trying to move gas providers or to double check that you and your business are on the correct tariff for your usage and requirements.

Our aim at Energy4 is to make sure that our customers are paying the fairest price for their business gas. We ensure that you are kept informed every step of the way and advised by a knowledgeable account manager.

We are specialists in providing business gas comparisons for industry, commercial companies, SME’s and start-up businesses.

Our services are available in Durham, Darlington, Newcastle, Sunderland and across the United Kingdom.

We will provide a list of offers from business gas suppliers to our customers after we have analysed them and produced a cost comparison from the results. This is so that you can select energy suppliers who are most suitable for you and your business.

Energy4 can take the stress of resolving any ‘objections to transfer’ from you and we will assist you throughout the energy switch process to ensure that any billing or contractual issues are resolved efficiently and correctly.

Here at Energy4, we will continually monitor your business gas renewal process and the wholesale energy market to make sure that you have any issued documents that are required. We will track and submit terminations to prevent your energy contracts from rolling over and you becoming trapped into overpaying for your business gas rates.

To receive a trouble free quote or if you would like to discuss your business gas rates, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Energy4. We can offer fixed and variable term contracts (from 1 to 5 years), Direct debit options, Smart Metering and customised pricing options for clients who require it.

We can quote prices over the phone, but for us to realise your businesses’ needs it is preferred that we see your latest bill or invoice. At Energy4 we are dedicated to providing a cost effective and competitive solution for your gas supply requirements.

You can call us on 01642 888814 or 01642 88816. Alternatively, you can email us at contact@energy4.co.uk or you can complete our form.

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– Prune that mailing list even more. The Direct Marketing Association offers this checklist of cost-cutting ideas. Eliminate non-responders and marginal prospects; print “Address Correction Requested” on the face of your mail; investigate co-mingling your mail with that of other small mailers to take advantage of discounts available mainly to large mailers; and stockpile mail to build up larger volumes.

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