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Energy Price Comparison

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Energy Price Comparison

Energy Price Comparison

Energy Price Comparison services of Energy4 help to identify the Whole-of-market (WoM) prices available for the business customer.

We are offering non-biased transparency to benefit the business customer, not the energy supplier. Energy4 provides advice and products to assist with a range of functions including energy procurement, efficiency and management.

Energy4 follows the original Ofgem Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Programme of providing Whole-of-market information to the business customer, identified in the WoM Requirement, and the Confidence Code.

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The outcome of Ofgem Confidence Code and Price Comparison Websites

Publication of the Revised Ofgem Confidence Code 2017 [2] identified that Ofgem set out decision to partially implement the removal of the WoM Requirement, and to consult on consequential Confidence Code wording.
The result of this was that Ofgem no longer requires domestic and Non-Domestic Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) to provide Whole-of-Market prices to domestic and business customers. Please note that Ofgem Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Programme, only originally covered covers Domestic customers. [1] The Non-Domestic TPI Working Group is no longer active. Made with representatives from TPIs, suppliers, consumer groups and other stakeholders. [1]

Therefore Price Comparison Websites and Businesses are no longer legally required by Ofgem to provide Whole-of-Market and follow any Confidence Code.
Energy4 objected to Ofgem changes as the outcome was:
– No legal addition made to have Price Comparison Websites and Businesses provide evidence to customers of the options made available
– No legal addition made to have Price Comparison Websites and Businesses identify biases towards specific suppliers due to commercial agreements.
– No legal addition to stopping the use of the Price Comparison and Ofgem Confidence Code logo on websites and businesses
– No legal addition made to have Price Comparison Websites and Businesses provide evidence that they are providing correct information and in order of best prices.

Since 2017 Energy4 has reviewed the energy market comparison sites.
By merely using mathematics and access to the tariffs, and prices provided, it is clear that many current Energy Price Comparison companies are not giving Comparison. They were showing a distorted list that appears to present a fictional order of suppliers based on money saved. When in fact they are not in order and are putting forward specific suppliers which are not the best price. Most likely put forward based on commercial decisions, not assisting the business customer.
Energy4 sees itself as one of the very few left real Energy Price Comparison website businesses that put business customers first.
Energy4 shows the Whole-of-market prices, and following the original Confidence Code, will continue the original Ofgem Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) Program. Energy4 will provide value and best prices to business customers.

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[1] https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/gas/retail-market/forums-seminars-and-working-groups/third-party-intermediaries-tpi-programme-working-group

[2] https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/publication-revised-ofgem-confidence-code-2017

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Energy Price Comparison
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