In 2014, Energy4 was started to disrupt and challenge the overpriced and outdated practices of the utility industry

Energy4 as a Third-Party-Intermediary (TPIs):

  • Follows professional ethics to provide impartial, evidenced based, transparent, non-biased, non-commission led to any one supplier utility advice.
  • Best understands and satisfies the product, and service need of the customer
  • Educates all customers on the utility market, communicating easily
  • Makes itself universally accessible to all business owners, from those using their home to large warehouses, and chemical plants.
  • Offers the best supplier of rates and charges across the UK, not available with our competitors. Energy4 adds fees to the utility charges and rates to stay in business, however the rates and charges cannot be beaten by our competitors. Energy4 does not place any consultancy fee or commission charge onto utility bills.
  • Identifies the ethical decisions customers make, identifying if they are looking to save money, or interested in choosing a utility provider that benefits the UK economy, energy autonomy (renewable energy), the planet, environment, ecology, and society.
  • To understand and share with customers and employees, having a broad understanding to change and show flexibility with the market. Inspiring and uplifting the customer, and employees
  • Helps businesses stay in business