Mission Statement

From May 2018, OfGem made the decision that all Comparison Websites no longer need to show the Whole of Market (WoM), and which utility provides are paying comparison sites commission to put forward there prices, and rates as the best available. Document is here: https://tinyurl.com/ybcyqv9y

Energy4 disagrees with the action of OfGem. Energy4 will continue since its inception in 2014, to provide independent, impartial, evidenced based, Whole of Market (WoM) transparent, non-biased utility information from 27+ utility providers

Energy4 provides each business customer with the best prices based on their consumption, CCL requirements, and current credit ratings

Energy4 develops inclusive projects to benefit organisations, charities, clubs, and collective businesses, through aggregated collective bargaining. Not limited to strategies or sectors of the community that may become involved

Energy4 delivers premium products and services at the best price possible whilst highlighting the ethical options for each business’s decisions

Energy4 is interested in business longevity, not damaging businesses for short-term short-sighted profit-margins whilst damaging customers businesses, and livelihoods

Energy4 strives to:

“Assist companies with ethical business practices, providing transparent utility advice, bringing stability to the economy, keeping businesses in business”

“Identify the ethical stance of each fuel supplier, giving businesses the choice to choose between maximising profit margins, or using suppliers which have more positive, social, and economic values, as businesses consume large amounts of utilities, the benefits of ethical choice benefit domestic suppliers”